It is necessary to completely rebuild your roof in case the repairs are not enough. The structure has a certain lifespan in relation to the type of construction and the materials used. If the roof has exceeded its life or if there are any defects in construction, the structure must be replaced, hence, reroofing.

The reasons are numerous according to the case:

  • Presence of foam is attesting to the porosity: in this case, there is no effective treatment, and therefore the reroofing is inevitable.
  • The materials of the frame have been deteriorated and must be replaced to avoid any risk.
  • Presence of molds that can be toxic
  • Changing the visual appearance or structure of the roof
  • There is a need for installing a roof containing environmental friendly material in Florida.

PMS Roofing services are here to help you with this task! The roof must be inspected at least once a year and after bad weather. Similarly, it is important to find out about the average life of your roof to schedule the reroofing services.