PMS Roofing specializes in commercial ceilings, coating systems, waterproofing for new construction projects, renovation and maintenance. We have been providing commercial waterproofing services in many areas of Florida for the past 20 years with the highest level of precision.

Waterproofing of Shopping Centers and offices is something we have built a reputation upon. We apply high quality products that will allow us to guarantee your business’ uninterrupted operations.

We professionally seal and install waterproofing and insulation systems in manufacturing sites. We offer effective and ideal solutions for large-scale industries, as well as high performance systems that protect industrial warehouses, avoiding damages and production delays caused by leaks of water, humidity, wind or dust, thus causing energy savings. Its installation does not interfere with the production or operation processes and our roofing jobs require minimal maintenance. Our warranty of work is just an insurance policy you never get to use.