Preventative Maintenance

The roofs of your building are exposed in a continuous way to the environmental as well as industrial elements that deteriorate the roof over time until it requires total or partial replacement of the roof. A roof left in such a condition at a workplace can lead to disasters. In order to increase the useful life and protect your investment on the roof, PMS Roofing in Florida offers its system of maintenance of roofs that includes inspection of the state of the roof, cleaning, repair and sealing of defective elements until the covering of the entire roof.

Continuous and systematic maintenance of the roof allows to prevent leaks and increase the useful life of the roof in a significant way at a very low cost avoiding also future damages in the goods that are under it.


  • Service of evaluation of the state of the cover.
  • Cleaning the surface recovering the appearance of the cover.
  • Cleaning of channels.
  • Prevention of leaks by means of the restoration of seal joints of channels, finials and ridges
  • Repair of defects such as leaks through holes and loss of parts of rivets and ridges, junctions of defective channels.
  • Sealing of lateral and transverse laps
  • Check of the condition of the anchors that can generate leaks or detachment of sheets.
  • Early warning of corrosion points
  • Partial or total repainting of roofs or their accessories.
  • Repair of elements that perforate the roof such as ducts, air conditioning equipment, ventilation pipes, chimneys etc.