PMS Roofing is your premier South Florida roofing contractor and your #1 choice for a new roof, roof repair and replacement. We offer you the best roofing system for your individual needs. We understand each customer, whether a residential or commercial roofing client, will have different concerns. We offer detailed inspections and review each roof thoroughly in order to offer you the best roofing system for your particular needs. That’s why we believe in building trust, one roof at a time. Its our experience that customers need to be sold the correct roof, not just offered a simple or a cheap roof to make a quick buck. Our company would rather be turned down, then to sell you an inadequate roof or a roof that wont meet your expectations. This is why building trust is so important to PMS Roofing.

After offering you the best roofing system for your specific roof, at a fair price, PM’s Roofing will walk you through the entire roofing process, from permitting; to executing the final inspection. Not only do we offer you the best roofing services in Florida; but we also offer you the best replacement procedures and warranties- in order to keep you as our best salesperson.  Theres no better sales person then word of mouth. Its 100% about our customers and Building Trust One Roof at a Time.